The Ora Sun Lounge offers an understated glamour, relying on simple detail and quality of materials to express it’s subtle intent. The complimentary opposition between mixed materials displays a true understanding of balance. Unique angled legs with brass touches, and Indonesian A-grade teak, are presented in this full seating and dining range.

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Weight 0.24 kg
Dimensions 810 × 2090 × 295 mm



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The Ora collection combines muted, relaxed tones with simple lines to create the ultimate modern look. Natural A-grade teak is crafted into unique angled legs with brass touches to create an elegant and sleek design that will elevate any living space. The mixing of materials displays a true understanding of balance. Choose from the collection of Arm Chair, coffee table, dining chair, dining table, Sunlounge and three-seat lounge to bring the contemporary style and luxury throughout your dining and living space.