2020 has been the year of many things, but certainly, it’s been the year of being at home. Nesting has always been a passion for us, and we’ve spent this year expanding the meaning of what makes a home a sanctuary.

We always want the perfect furniture pieces that are both comfortable and chic, but changing the big things is not always in the cards.

The subtle potency of scent is a true artform. It can transform your experience and infuse a space with memory and depth. Lola James Harper knows the power of scent, that it can uplift your mood or bring a wave of nostalgia, recalling good times and life adventures. Their Candles and Room Spray are the PERFECT gift for anyone.

Lola James Harper – Scented Room Sprays and Candles

Sculpture pieces add layers of interest to bookshelves, tabletop, and we love giving something whose sole purpose is to be beautiful.

Finnian Sculpture by Arteriors
Finnian Sculpture by Arteriors

Arteriors uses artisanal techniques and organic materials to craft their modernist accessories. Each piece is a timeless investment that blends well into many different styles.  

Making daily rituals a luxurious experience is all about a feeling, and the feel of organic linen is one of our favorite things.

Libeco linens

A textile that gets softer and more supple with age and use, the gift of linen is one of longevity and truly timeless quality. Linen napkins, a table cloth, towels that can be used inside or out and even totes and make up bags. 

Featuring LCA Directors Chairs and Pacific Folding Chairs

It must be said, that we think one can never have too many chairs, especially one so easy to store.

Our LCA Directors chair is Harbour’s true VIP. As extra chairs around the table, for future gatherings when we can once again celebrate together, or to use immediately in for an impromptu outdoor hang, who wouldn’t a love a pair for Christmas?