Linen is an ancient textile, its history dates back thousands of years. Linen is made from flax. The plant is cultivated after a short growth and flowering period, dried naturally, and then the fibers are extracted and spun to create yarn, which is then woven into linen fabric.

Camille Throw by Libeco

One of the most eco-friendly products, undyed linen is completely biodegradable. Linen is also incredibly strong, naturally moth resistant, able to withstand high temperatures, which makes it the ideal summertime fabric. It absorbs moisture without holding bacteria, which basically makes it our hero.

Galloper Shoulder Bag by Libeco

The ideal for household items like throw pillows and bedding, we love it so much, that most of our furniture is upholstered in linen.

Gent Striped Guest Towel by Libeco

It gets even better. The most you use linen, the more you wash it and touch it, the softer and more supple it becomes.

Libeco is our new purveyor of linen accessories. Their history and processes date back to 1858 in the Flanders region of Belgium. Originally named Libeert & Compagnie, they sold linen to traders from all over the world, who came to buy much sought-after Flemish flax.

James Shoulder Sack by Libeco

Libeco linens are still created in the same Belgian mill they built 150 years ago. The tradition is upheld by the fifth generation of the Libeert family.

Every inch of their fabric is examined and even mended by hand where necessary. Sustainable creations made from personal passion and tradition, and made to last a lifetime.  All things we love to have at home with us at Harbour.


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