The Harbour 1976 Story


Since 1976, the Condos family has hand-crafted furniture in their Sydney workshop.

From humble beginnings, the original workshop established by Harriet and Jim Condos has grown to become an international lifestyle brand, now known as Harbour 1976.

Jim Condos, a blacksmith from Greece,  raised his sons, Harrison and Nicholas on the intricate details of craftsmanship and minimalist design. It was this experience that led them to develop a passion for design and architecture and inspired them to create an export extension of their family business, Tecno Furniture.

“A love of craftsmanship and obsession with the finer details in a design is what was passed on from the moment we picked up the furniture tools.  It is in our opinion, the reason why our designs stand out from the pack.” – Harrison and Nicholas Condos


Thus began Harbour 1976’s debut on the international stage – a modern, minimalist lifestyle brand steeped in a culture that inherently promotes the Australian way of life.

“Our hometown, Australia, plays an important role in our designs. We grew up with the beach at our doorstep and the ocean is a constant source of inspiration in our designs. We really believe in enjoying a space where the indoors and outdoors feel seamless and at one with your natural surroundings.” – Harrison and Nicholas Condos


After launching Harbour 1976 at the ICFF New York trade show in 2008, the Condos empire quickly expanded into international markets, with numerous retail locations including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Sydney. Harbour 1976 designs, manufactures and distributes their products, with two production factories in China and Indonesia. They employ a full design team to create all collections, as well as custom and private label designs for local and international clients.

Harbour 1976’s signature aesthetic is modern, minimalist and timeless furniture inspired by the Australian coastal lifestyle. Designs rely on simplicity and high-quality materials, including powder-coated aluminium, mildew resistant upholstery and eco-sustainable teak, incredibly durable to withstand the harsh Australian climate. Many pieces are also UV resistant.

“It’s the little things you wouldn’t necessarily notice, but are imperative to the piece, such as the particular way a table’s legs are welded, or the shape of a chair arm. It’s all the finer details that separate our furniture from the others and define them as high-quality, luxury outdoor furniture.” – Harrison and Nicholas Condos

Internationally, Harbour 1976 has a close relationship with Restoration Hardware, designing collections which take in consideration both the Harbour 1976 and Restoration Hardware client.

Coming to Australia soon, Harbour 1976 will soon launch its indoor collection which will follow the same design principles which have made its outdoor collection a success for over 40 years.

“Like many Australian pioneers in the creative field, we remain true to aesthetic of effortless sophistication.” – Harrison and Nicholas Condos