We are chasers of the endless summer. As Aussie’s who also reside stateside, we can basically follow summer around the world. Also, being of Greek origins (and purveyors of outdoor furnishings) summer is basically our main time to shine. We love warm sun and lazy days the encourage relaxation and an invitation to immerse ourselves in nature. Our moodboard is ever changing, but what is constant is the feeling of summer and living by the beach. It informs our interiors as well as the exterior décor.

This year has made us all slow down. On a massive scale. The sudden call to stay home has given us all more time to reflect, and we’ve developed an even deeper appreciation for the simple things and the rituals of daily life. We think home should feel like a summer vacation, all year round. Now more than ever, home needs to be a personal sanctuary.

Our current mood board is a visualization of sense memory. Gorgeous textures of stone and sand combined with inspiration from minimalist organic architecture, built in harmony with nature. Palettes that recall the muted neutrals of a desert landscape and materials that never stray far from their source. Nature has done it best, and we can only hope to invoke her spirit.


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