One of HO’s favorite designers. Based in the Hamptons, Godbold also happens to be a fellow Aussie transplant by way of London. Tim began his career as a fashion designer, working at Ralph Lauren, with his personal work featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. He published a book in 2016 ‘Military Style Invades Fashion’ with Phaidon Press and around the same time became an in demand interior designer. Interiors were a natural evolution from fashion, as Godbold was able to fully display his innate talent for layering texture, understanding form, and making each home a cohesive statement of style and comfortable luxe. He’s a bit of a chameleon and each project showcases elements that are instantly recognizable and also a progression as a designer that is ever changing and somewhat illusive.

Palm Beach, Florida – Featuring Barcelona

He has a penchant for creating spaces that make a bold visual statement, but from project to project Godbold can be a chameleon. Themes like mixing vintage pieces with modern artisans appear again and again, along with incorporating bold sculptural shapes with playful proportions; but the projects are as individual as their inhabitants and Timothy works closely with his clients while creating home. His focus is always two fold, his interiors are simultaneously luxurious and totally livable. He believes design should beautiful, but first and foremost, it should be functional.

Tim has showcased Harbour Collections several of his projects including a colorful home in Palm Beach and a very cosmopolitan apartment on the LES of Manhattan, the stunning 196 Orchard. We asked the designer to answer a few questions for us, picking his brain on everything from what he looks for in an outdoor space to what he’s listening to during lock down.

HO: Living with nature is basically our mantra. We started as an outdoor brand and beachside living is in our Australian blood. What are your tips for decorating and creating living spaces outdoors?  

TG: As an Australian myself, I understand the outdoor mantra. My tips for decorating would be to buy furniture that can handle a drenching, as we don’t always have the time to take covers off and on furniture when it rains, so we need to be realistic in expectations and durability. I gravitate towards sun lounges without cushions and dining seating with mesh for this reason. I think the Breeze XL line is always a great collection for this purpose.

196 Orchard Street, NY – Pier Teak Dining Table and Pacific Folding Chairs

HO: Is there any one thing that is a mainstay in your creative process?

TG:  Simplicity but still making a statement with interesting proportions and scale.  I always take into account the habitat that I’m working in and the vibe of the home. I tend to stay away from trends and the more I do outdoor areas the more they evolve towards function. For example, I’m not a fan of too many cushions on beds, sofas or seating in general. I either have them in the same fabric or don’t have any as you can end up fighting for space on the sofa and you want guests to feel relaxed and not challenged as to where to sit and how. I never want to impose my own personality on a project it should read the clients persona.

196 Orchard Street, NY – Featuring Louver Sofas, Lanterns & Fire Table from Harbour

HO: We love the mix of vintage and contemporary pieces you use in your home designs. What are the characteristics you look for when shopping contemporary design?

TG: Quality is the first thing always. With vintage I know the quality as generally I am familiar with the designer I’m purchasing. Another area is good service with good communication and knowledgeable on the product. I like to know how something was crafted.

HO: You began as a designer in the fashion world before moving to interiors. From reading your Blog we know you still occasionally draw on fashion to inspire. What do you love best in fashion and how does that translate to home décor?

TG:  I’ve always been a modernist when it came to fashion and I think that directly translates to my interiors. I always liked a monochromatic palette and that is apparent in my homes. In fashion I would mix suedes with cashmere and luxury knits, I can do this in an interior very easily. I often draw on fashion designers palettes for inspiration and old magazines like 80’s GQ, which I recently utilized for a town house in San Francisco.

HO: Since not everyone can afford someone with your talents, are there any basic tips you might be able to offer for getting a polished look at home?

TG: Well thank you. I would say don’t over clutter, and don’t feel a need to fill every space. Buy incrementally so that you can get pieces that are at a better quality and have longevity. Try to stay away from things that are too of the “NOW”. Start with neutrals and layer in color.

Palm Beach, Florida – Rozelle Table

HO: Dinner party guests, alive or dead. You can only have three. Who would you chose?

TG: Who would you chose? David Bowie, my Dad and Jesus so he could answer a few questions I have…

HO: What are you listening to at the moment – Podcasts, tunes, guided meditations?

TG: Du Tonc out of LA, seventies disco and nineties house. Stephen Fry podcasts are always an intellectual treat and Just Jordan and J.B. “MY DADS CHILLIE PODCAST” out of LA.  

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